Safe Journey! 11 DIY Travel Hacks and More Life Hacks

DIY Hacks
Ready to head out on your summer travels? Lucky for you, we have a dozen travel hacks that will help you setup your backpack! Discover how to make your own sleeping bag, minimize your travel liquids using straws. Learn how to stop pickpocketers by creating secure pockets in the first place and/or hide the rest of your money within hairbrushes or plastic bottles. Stay tuned for all that and much more! Paris, here we come!

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0:04 T-shirt Bag
0:57 Liquids within a Straw
2:02 Brouse Tape Fix
2:58 Create a Secure Pocket
3:39 Custom Denim Pockets
4:33 Hairbrush Money Stash
5:17 Bottled Chewing Gum
6:56 DIY Sleeping Bag
8:16 Hidden Front Door Key
9:44 Lipstick Makeup Routine

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